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QueryPony can view the tables of various databases. The addressed databases are:

MS-SQL (This should work.)
MySQL (This should work.) The connector for MySQL may not always be part of QueryPony (depending on the licensing situation). If you have a QueryPony without it, just provide the file v2/mysql.data.dll from mysql-connector-net-6.6.5-noinstall.zip on your own mission in the same folder as QueryPony.exe, then QueryPony will attempt to talk to it.
ODBC (Looks like NOT WORKING.) This should work exactly as in Query ExPlus
OleDb (This should work.) What exactly you can access via this connection depends on which drivers are installed on your machine. During development, I worked with a Paradox/BDE OleDb connecton.
Oracle (Not tested, might work perhaps.)
PostgreSQL (Not tested, will probably not work.) The PostgreSQL connector library is included in QueryPony. This feature should work independend on the drivers installed on your machine.
SQLite (This should work.) One SQLite database consists of one file on disk (unlike other databases, which are accessed via an URL). QueryPony has two SQLite demo files built in. With the button 'Load Demo Connection Settings', you will reach them. (The path to the demo files is pretty long and fancy, it is the path, Windows automatically creates to store the user's Settings file.)
CouchDB (This will not work.) This shall become an experimental feature. CouchDB is a No-SQL database and does not align smoothly with SQL databases. This is not a SQL database, support is purely experimental.


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