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This chapter is about issues, bugs and todos. Below pane is just faded in from file issues.txt.

   This file stores issues, bugs and todos

   issue # 20130708.1221
   title : Internet Explorer pops a warning when opening the HTML documentation
   symptoms : When opening the HTML documentation from the menu item 'View
      Documentation in Browser', IE (and other browsers?), depending on the
      user's security settings, beeps and shows ugly warning '... Internet
      Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX
      controls ... Click here for options ...'.
   reason : The page contains a few JavaScript statements for styling. If
      you don't allow JavaScript run, in IE (*not* in other browsers), the
      top-right logo will occupy the complete column down, wasting a lot of
      space. With the script running, the space is apportioned as intended.
   question : Shall I rip out the JavaScript and loose some style features,
      or is it tolerable? How many users will face that warning?
   solution :
   status : Unsolved
   priority : Low

   [issue # 20130624.1011]
   title : Keyboard Shortcuts broken
   symptoms : E.g. in an edit field, CTRL-V will not insert the clipboard
               content, but context menu Rightclick-Paste works.
   workaround : Use the mouse
   status : Unsolved
   priority :

   [issue # 20130620.1411]
   title    : Broken Up/Down-Key in combobox 'Server'
   location : On the Connect-Tab in the Server-ComboBox
   symptom  : When attempting to select a Server with the Up-/Down-Keys, the
               focus jumps out of the combobox into the Connection Tab.
   priority :
   status   : Unsolved
   workaround : Use the mouse
   note     :

   (todo # 20101004.1236)
   title : Export Result to xml beside Export to csv
   note : Entry from QueryExPlus-ReadMe.txt v2.0.3.1 (r75)

   (todo # 20101004.1235)
   title : Cmdline options visible in Messagebox
   note : Entry from QueryExPlus-ReadMe.txt v2.0.3.1 (r75)

   (todo # 20101004.1234)
   title : Document known file-extensions *.udl, ???
   note : Entry from QueryExPlus-ReadMe.txt v2.0.3.1 (r75)

   (todo # 20101004.1233)
   title : Provide templates for *.mdb (oledb-msaccess), *.db/*.db3 (odbc-sqlight)
   note : Entry from QueryExPlus-ReadMe.txt v2.0.3.1 (r75)

   (todo # 20101004.1232)
   title : Add more tree-context-menue-items
   note : Entry from QueryExPlus-ReadMe.txt v2.0.3.1 (r75)

   (todo # 20101004.1231)
   title : Allow ";" or "go" as SQL-command-seperator
   note : Entry from QueryExPlus-ReadMe.txt v2.0.3.1 (r75)

   ------------------------- finished issues archives -------------------------

   (issue # 20130619.0551)
   title    : Processes left behind after program exit
   location : Application
   symptom  : When querying, QueryPony leaves processes behind even after program
              termination, which must be shutdown manually with TaskManager.
   priority : High
   status   : Issue finished # 20130709.1221
   workaround : Close the program. Goto Taskmanager and end process 'QueryPony.exe'
   note     : The issue appeared after switching from MDI to Forms-on-Tabs. We
              have no Tab-Closing menue item yet anyway, perhaps it's just that.
   note     :

   [issue # 20130624.1101]
   title : Cursor tabbing goes zigzag
   symptoms : E.g. on the ConnectForm, the cursor movement with TAB key goes zigzag.
   workaround : Use mouse
   status : Finished (# 20130702.0611)
   priority :

   ------------------------------------ end ------------------------------------


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