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QueryPony Home

This homepage is about QueryPony in general. Related places are the QueryPony User Guide and the Development Area sourceforge.net/projects/querypony.


A Simple Generic Database Query Tool and API.
Last release 2013-August-11 QueryPony 0.3.1 Alpha
QueryPony031.exe (3 440 640 bytes)
Intermediate builds If you are curious, you can download the actual development version. That should usually be in a stable state, but there is no garantee: 0.3.x.xxxxx.
Description With QueryPony, you can connect to various databases, view the tables, issue SQL statements and view the results. Supported databases are MS-SQL, MySQL, ODBC, OleDb, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and CouchDB. (CouchDB is not fully implemented yet.)
Target audience Advanced users, system administrators, programmers.
Requirements QueryPony is developed under Windows XP/SP3 32-bit with .NET 3.5. It should also run on the higher Windows flavours, but that is not tested yet. (UAC issues? 64-bit issues?)
Status Version 0.3.0 is an Alpha Release, the offered features may be only partially working.
Installation None.
Code C#.
History QueryPony is a derivative of Query ExPlus, which is the continuation of Query Express 3.9.
GNU AGPL v3   (see chapter License)


The other chapters of this site:


This chapter gives an overview what can be done with QueryPony.


This chapter lists other database access tools you will want beside QueryPony.


This chapter is for developers, so they can quickly find their way in the code.


This chapter tells about issues, bugs and todos with the product.


This chapter speculates about the road ahead.


This chapter credits the authors, contributors and third party products.


This chapter tells about the legal state of the product.

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